Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Am Ready to Secede.

How long will it be before those rich, smug, opressive, conservative, Palin-loving morons start arguing that this James O'Keefe clown and the three other fake phone guys in Louisiana -- incidentally, I find it quite sad that there existed three people whose lives were so pathetic that becoming one of James O'Keefe's cronies seemed a step up -- are heroes and martyrs, before they convince a majority of the American public of this, and before they get yet another rich, smug, opressive, conservative, Palin-loving moron elected to the United States Senate because of it.  Hasn't anyone realized yet that it doesn't matter what is being said; even if they might like the idea, the conservatives' game at this point is to declare it "un-American" and tear it down so that they can scare the American public via lies into voting Republican (see also Massachusetts) and then continue to impose their beliefs on all of us.

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